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After an annual deductible of $135 (2009), Medicare Part B covers 80% of the costs for a house call and any additional tests and procedures. Secondary insurance or Medi-gap will cover the remaining 20% of the costs.
Private Non-HMO Insurance
Sorry, we only take Medicare as your primary insurance. You can pay by check at the time of the visit, we will provide you with a receipt and you can try to be reimbursed by your insurance.
Cash, Private Pay, or HSA’s

The following fees include all tests and procedures performed by Bay Area House Call Physicians. Necessary X-rays, tests, and laboratory work not performed by us will have additional costs and be billed from the provider. The initial visit fee will need to be paid in full at the time of visit. Fees should be paid with cash or check made out to Bay Area House Call Physicians.

Initial Visit   $350
Follow-up Visit   $275
Sorry, we do not accept credit cards at this time. These prices may be subject to change.
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