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What is a house call? What to expect.
First, you will decide on a convenient appointment date. Then, we will call you the day before your appointment to establish a specific time or an approximate time window for your visit. At the time of your visit, a physician will arrive at your home and sit down with you wherever you feel comfortable. The visit will be similar in structure to an office visit: The physician will record your vital signs, review your medical conditions and medications, perform any necessary tests or treatments, and address your questions and concerns. Your information is recorded in an electronic health record, and your prescriptions can be printed or faxed directly to your pharmacy. We will provide you with an updated medication list and summary of your health condition at each visit.
We provide:

House Calls:
If you have trouble getting to your doctor’s office, we can bring the office to you.

Primary Care:
We encourage people to keep their relationships with their primary physicians or specialists. We can help your doctor or specialist, see you just when you are sick, or be your primary care physician.

Electronic Health Record:
We use an electronic health record, which makes practicing medicine safer with fewer mistakes.

Medication List:
We update your list of medications every visit and print it out for you so you know exactly what medications you are supposed to be taking.

State-of-the-art Equipment:
Advances in technology have made most of the tools we need portable, allowing us to bring the doctor’s office to you.

EKG: We can evaluate your heart right in your home.
ISTAT: We can do several important tests with just a drop of blood.
COAGUCHEK: If you are on coumadin, we can test your PT/INR and make decisions about your dose right then and there.

Hospital Follow-ups
Annual Physical Forms
Home Risk Assessments
Mental Status Exams
Fecal Occult Blood
PPD Placement
Flu Vaccines
VitaminB12 Injections
Joint Injections
Wound Care
Blood Tests
Urine Analysis

By seeing you in your home we can better review, organize, and explain your medications; coordinate with Home Health care; assess the need for and authorize durable medical equipment; and address potential risks that may exist in your home.

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